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Political Geography

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Demographic, Attitudinal, and Electoral Changes in Pennsylvania Partisans Since 2000

We review some long-term trends in the partisan alignment of the state's voters, looking at demographic and attitudinal sorting, geographic realignment, and two issues--gun control and abortion. What does this mean for the state's electoral politics?

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2022 Primary Recap: Turnout, Geography, and Issues

In the 2022 Pennsylvania primary elections, how did geography affect support for the candidates? What about voter turnout? And what did the polls say about the importance of issues such as the economy, abortion rights, and gun control?

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Pennsylvania 2022 Primary Election Preview

This month's newsletter looks at some rarely discussed features that might affect Pennsylvania's primary elections: regional turnout, endorsements, a candidate's county of residence, and a candidate's ballot position.

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Feeding the Goat

What can we learn about the upcoming 2022 midterm elections from Pennsylvania's 2021 municipal election? We look at county-level data to help answer this question.

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Population and Voter Registration Changes in Pennsylvania Since 2000

Using recently released U.S. Census data, we examine how changes in Pennsylvania's rural and urban populations relate to changes in voting habits.

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The 2022 Primary Elections: Political Catnip

What can the results of past years' high profile primary contests tell us about how the 2022 midterm elections may play out?