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This site provides access to Franklin & Marshall College Poll results and to analyses of state politics and public policy written by Franklin & Marshall College faculty and staff.  This site is maintained by the staff of the Center for Opinion Research.

The Franklin & Marshall College Poll (formerly the Keystone Poll) is the longest running Pennsylvania statewide poll exclusively directed and produced in the state. The poll traces its origins to the 1991 U.S. Senate race between former Pennsylvania Governor Dick Thornburgh and U.S. Senator Harris Wofford. In that race, the poll, then produced at Millersville University of Pennsylvania, identified the competitiveness of the campaign and the issues that subsequently became the key issues in the 1992 presidential election. The poll officially moved to Franklin & Marshall College in 2003.

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Readers who would like to see more information about polls can access questionnaires, survey results, and press releases and reports at this site: https://fandmpoll.parc.us.com/client/index.html#/  In addition, users can search for specific topics. All search results are single-click linked to source materials.

This interactive website provides access to the toplines and reports from Franklin & Marshall’s statewide polls of Pennsylvania voters on topics of political and social interest. This site provides access to recent polls and will eventually include information from all of the polls conducted since 1992.

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