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Concerns about Government and Politicians

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Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: April 2024

See where the 2024 presidential race stands in Pennsylvania, and explore voters' positions on marijuana legalization, voting reforms, and democracy, along with their ratings of President Biden, Governor Shapiro, and Senator Casey.

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Something We All Seem to Agree On: Campaign Finance Reform

We discuss Pennsylvania voters' opinions of campaign finance reform, using data from our August 2023 poll.

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Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: August 2021

This month's survey asked about the economy, the events of January 6th, COVID-19, climate change, election integrity, legislative redistricting, government reform, job approval ratings for President Biden and Governor Wolf, and the 2022 US Senate race.

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Democracy & Party Factions

What do Pennsylvanians think about the state of democracy in the United States?

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Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: March 2021

The survey asked about a wide range of topics, including the direction of the state and the economy, marijuana legalization, minimum wage, climate change, COVID-19 vaccinations, President Biden's job approval ratings, and the legacy of former President Trump.