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Concerns about Government and Politicians

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Something We All Seem to Agree On: Campaign Finance Reform

We discuss Pennsylvania voters' opinions of campaign finance reform, using data from our August 2023 poll.

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Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: August 2021

This month's survey asked about the economy, the events of January 6th, COVID-19, climate change, election integrity, legislative redistricting, government reform, job approval ratings for President Biden and Governor Wolf, and the 2022 US Senate race.

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Democracy & Party Factions

What do Pennsylvanians think about the state of democracy in the United States?

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Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: March 2021

The survey asked about a wide range of topics, including the direction of the state and the economy, marijuana legalization, minimum wage, climate change, COVID-19 vaccinations, President Biden's job approval ratings, and the legacy of former President Trump.