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Voter Turnout

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The 2023 Municipal Election: Abortion Rights Likely Gave Democrats an Advantage

Turnout in Pennsylvania on November 7 was higher than expected, and Democrats won a race they had lost in 2021. We dig into the data to understand why.

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Who is Going to Vote Next Week?

We look at the October 2023 poll to find out what it can tell us about potential voter turnout in the upcoming municipal election, including which party is favored.

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2022 Primary Recap: Turnout, Geography, and Issues

In the 2022 Pennsylvania primary elections, how did geography affect support for the candidates? What about voter turnout? And what did the polls say about the importance of issues such as the economy, abortion rights, and gun control?

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Pennsylvania 2022 Primary Election Preview

This month's newsletter looks at some rarely discussed features that might affect Pennsylvania's primary elections: regional turnout, endorsements, a candidate's county of residence, and a candidate's ballot position.

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Primary Polling in 2022

What are the limitations of primary election polling? We review political polls in the U.S. since 2000 to learn what polls can, and can't, tell us.

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The 2022 Primary Elections: Political Catnip

What can the results of past years' high profile primary contests tell us about how the 2022 midterm elections may play out?