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Gun Control

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Demographic, Attitudinal, and Electoral Changes in Pennsylvania Partisans Since 2000

We review some long-term trends in the partisan alignment of the state's voters, looking at demographic and attitudinal sorting, geographic realignment, and two issues--gun control and abortion. What does this mean for the state's electoral politics?

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Which Party is More Mainstream?

We assess how Pennsylvania voters perceive Republican and Democratic positions on seven important issues. Which party is better aligned with majority opinion?

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2022 Primary Recap: Turnout, Geography, and Issues

In the 2022 Pennsylvania primary elections, how did geography affect support for the candidates? What about voter turnout? And what did the polls say about the importance of issues such as the economy, abortion rights, and gun control?

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Franklin & Marshall Poll Release: March 2022

This month, we asked voters their feelings about the economy, gun control, privatization of state-owned liquor stores, amending the state constitution, and ratings for President Biden and Governor Wolf. We also discuss the electoral context for the 2022 midterm elections.